Shut Up And Game is a semi-serious progression Guild. We are primarily 20-30’s adult professionals who have been playing together for years looking for like-minded, competent players who are willing to join in on our lingually loose brand of BS that permeates our raid atmosphere. If you are easily offended by crass humor, we’re likely not the guild for you.
Though we like to keep the raid chatter fun, we do expect to down bosses in a reasonable fashion and schedule. If you’re skilled and think you’d be a good fit for us, then please go over some of the finer details below.

  • We raid on Tuesday, Thursday, Monday 8:30 – 11:30PM EST
  • We expect open-mindedness and a continual desire to improve and offer constructive criticism.
  • Role availability: All.
  • We don’t have a gear requirement for applicants, but you must demonstrate competency with the gear you have during your trial period to secure a consistent raid spot.
  • Ability to take and tell jokes (please don’t take us too serious, you will be made fun of in good humor)

If you’re interested, message Waxillianne (Waxilliam#1391).