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Welcome to Shut Up and Game. A community for gamers by gamers.

We are primarily 20-30’s adult professionals who have been playing together for years looking for like-minded, competent players who are willing to join in on our lingually loose brand of BS that permeates our atmosphere. If you are easily offended by crass humor, we’re likely not the community for you.

We may not be the best, not the smartest, or even the best looking gamers out there, but damn it we exfoliate regularly! And we care deeply about gaming. We get pissed just like you do when a hyped game sucks balls, we want to blab to every passer-by about the latest under the radar game to catch our fancy. So we created a site that we would want to visit.

Want bland, developer ass-kissing reviews? Go somewhere else. Looking for sponsor pandering streams? Sorry, nobody’s paying us to game, we’re broke, just like you. You won’t get fake, cookie cutter information from us. Hell, we don’t even like cookies! (Ed: Ok, that last bit’s a lie. We really like cookies)

But that’s enough about us. Dinner’s getting cold and it’s time to Shut Up and Game.