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SUAG Membership Rules


Here at Shut Up And Game we strive to be as inclusive as possible while making this a pleasant place for everyone to call home. We have many different people with many different objectives in the game. SUAG and its resources are primarily focused toward raid content, but we also love that we have members focused on PvP, social, leveling alts, etc. Many people say that guilds can’t survive without a single focus for all its members, so it’s frankly amazing and unique that we have so many different types of people in this guild and yet we still manage to keep everything going smoothly. With the desire to maintain this atmosphere we need to make sure there is very little ambiguity in the expectations of the conduct and behavior of SUAG’s members.

I. Guild Resources

A. Bank
Unless otherwise noted, items in the last two tabs of the bank (flasks, potions, food, enchants, etc.) are for guild organized raids only. Also, only withdraw as much as you actually need to complete the raid. For example, its not reasonable to take out 4 flasks for a 2 hour raid .Items in other tabs are available in reasonable amounts and general use, but the best practice is to make sure you’re putting as much value into the bank as you are taking out.
B. Repairs
People with a “Raider” rank or above have access to a significant amount of guild repairs. Due to this, these people should only be using those repairs for guild events. Members below “Raider” rank may or may not  have access to limited repairs to use during guild events.

II. Membership Requirements

SUAG is an “adult guild”. All members must be 21+. The only exception to this are underage family members of existing guild members. This exception will be decided on a case by case basis by guild leadership. Underage members already in guild are exempt from the age requirement.
Any characters inactive over seven months are subject to a guild kick in order to maintain our roster.

III. Guild Ranks

Guild ranks are always subject to change. The purpose of the top guild ranks (raider ranks and above) is not to reward longevity in the guild or behavior. The purpose is to fulfill a need whether this is higher repairs and bank access for raiders, the guild needing more people available to invite members, or a need for leadership positions.

Guild leadership ranks are Officer, Asst. GM, and GM (in this document all are referred to generally as ‘officer’). Any guild issues should be taken directly to officers – especially issues with other members to avoid gossip or drama.

IV. Raid Rules and Group Activities

In SUAG, we take great pride in our membership. As a member here, we expect you to act as good ambassador of our standards. This section outlines the standards and practices for membership participation in both guild and non-guild events. Violation of the SUAG’s Raid Rules and Group Activities will be handled in accordance with Section VI of this document.

General Raid Rules:

Be prepared

1. Please be prepared to raid! When its time to raid, its time to raid. Raid time is NOT the time to go to get supplies, enchant your gear,etc.
2. Our total raid time is 3 hours. If you can not stay for the duration of the raid, DO NOT SIGN UP. Don’t be late!
a. If a raid starts at 8:00 p.m. that means we are at the instance and ready to pull at 8:00 p.m. It is always a good idea to be 15 minutes early to secure your position, because at start time you will be replaced if you are not here.
b. Being late means you caused the raid to not start on time. The raid leader will start looking to fill your position at start time. Once your spot has been filled, you will not be allowed back into the raid.

Raid Conduct

1. Voice will be provided, but please keep in mind that even though this is an adult/mature guild, sometimes we do have young children in voice comms. Please check who’s in before you say something stupid.
2. Adult guild does not mean you are free to say whatever you want, whenever you want. If it’s not appropriate to talk about in public, then it’s not appropriate for voice comms.
3. SUAG will not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination of any type (sex, race, sexual preference, and so on). Violations of this rule will be met with swift G-Kick.
4. A little playing around in voice comms is fine up until boss fights. As soon as we are to the boss, clear comms.

Addon Requirements

1. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM).
2. Discord – You don’t have to talk, but you must be able to hear us.

Gems & Enchants

In order to even be considered to raid with SUAG, you MUST be fully gemmed and enchanted.


1. If you can not pull your own weight in either tanking, healing or dps, you may be asked to leave.
2. We all have our bad days. If you do not feel up to the challenge, say so and we will try to find a replacement for you.
3. If we see that your performance is holding back the raid team, you may be asked to step down for the better good of the raid team.
4. If you go AFK between breaks, you will receive a kick warning. If you continue to go AFK or are still AFK when we ready check for the boss pull, you will be removed from the raid.
5. Unscheduled breaks. If you take excessive unscheduled breaks you will be replaced.

Loot Rules


A. Guild Events
At no point shall a raid leader or group organizer make rules that are in conflict with this document. Raid leaders and event organizers are responsible for making sure that guild policies are followed while leading an event. All non-static groups shall follow the General Raid Rules. All static (progression) groups may make reasonable changes to those rules. However, an event organizer may be asked by an officer to adjust their rules if the officers feel like they do not adhere to the core principles of Shut Up And Game – fun, fairness, and respect.
B. Non-Guild Events
Any time that a SUAG member leads a non-guild event, that event shall follow SUAG’s General Raid Rules.
Any time that a SUAG member joins a non-guild event they should conduct themselves in such a way that promotes SUAG’s image.

V. Conduct and Behavior

‘Treating others with respect’ is SUAG’s most fundamental philosophy. As such, SUAG’s members are expected to act respectfully in ALL forums. This section outlines what constitutes “offensive” behavior and best practices to avoid inadvertently offending others. Violation of the SUAG’s Conduct and Behavior will be handled in accordance with Section VI of this document.

General Rule: Don’t be intentionally offensive and treat others with respect.

What is “offensive”?: If you think it could be taken offensively then don’t do it. But more specifically (in no particular order) — Mocking, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Excessive Profanity, Extreme Vulgarity, Discrimination of Sex, Race, Sexual Preference, etc., or the General Putting Down of Others.

A. Guild Chat, Raid Chat, and Guild Forum
We have a very diverse group of people and as such we need to always be aware that there are probably many people in the guild with different religious beliefs, political views, sexual preferences, ethnicity, etc. Appropriate behavior is to always be observed in guild chat, raid chat, and the guild forums. Inappropriate behavior, beyond what is deemed “offensive”, includes but is not limited to spamming or begging.

B. Voice Communications (Discord, Ventrilo, etc.)
When in doubt, the expectations of behavior in Discord are the same as the rules of conduct for guild chat. We do however not want to stifle conversations in any way. Members can move down to a different (not global) channel and have whatever discussions they like and use whatever language they want to as long as they are absolutely sure that everyone in the channel with them will not be offended. If someone new moves into that channel and it is unknown if they will find something offensive, the discussion must change to the rules of guild chat, or you may kindly ask that they leave so you can continue your conversation in private.

C. Trade Chat, other general chat channels, whispers, and Official Forums
SUAG’s members shall conduct themselves appropriately in general communication channels and forums. Remember, you represent our guild with your statements. A simple shift+click on your name will reveal your guild affiliation.

If you receive an inappropriate whisper from a SUAG member please take a screenshot and contact an officer.

VI. Disciplinary Action

Failure to adhere to the rules listed in this document will result in disciplinary action. For initial minor offenses this will probably result in a warning for the first offense. More major offenses (harassment, discrimination, activity that reflects poorly on the guild, etc.), will result in a demotion or a guild kick. Real life threats will be met with a guild kick.

We want everyone to feel welcome here, and for that reason there is a zero tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination. Offenders will be immediately removed from the guild.

Our rules are about promoting the core principles of SUAG and maintaining the enjoyable atmosphere our membership has built. The document is subject to change at any time, and any changes will be noted in response to this thread. Please contact an officer if you have any questions.